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20 Octobre 2018

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A Quiberon et St Pierre Quiberon, toute l'info de la presqu'île

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St Pierre

St Pierre

Bonne fête à toutes les

C'était aussi un 20 / 10

Les Etats-Unis adoptent la loi de prohibition de l'alcool.

Né(e) un 20 / 10 / 1854
Alphonse Allais

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- N.Y Times 1

NYT > Opinion

en-us Copyright 2018 The New York Times Company Sat, 20 Oct 2018 06:27:20 GMT NYT > Opinion https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/opinion/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss The Poison on Facebook and Twitter Is Still Spreading https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/19/opinion/facebook-twitter-journalism-misinformation.html?partner=rss&emc=rss https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/19/opinion/facebook-twitter-journalism-misinformation.html Rose Wong Social platforms have a responsibility to address misinformation as a systemic problem, instead of reacting to case after case.

The Poison on Facebook and Twitter Is Still Spreading

Social platforms have a responsibility to address misinformation as a systemic problem, instead of reacting to case after case.

(20/10/2018 @ 02:33)

More Insulting Lies From Saudi Arabia

What we face now is a test for President Trump and America itself.

(20/10/2018 @ 04:57)

What if the Republicans Win Everything Again?

Total victory for the G.O.P. would mean Trump unleashed.

(19/10/2018 @ 19:15)

A Whole Lot of Babbling Going On

Did Donald Trump ever mention he got elected president?

(20/10/2018 @ 00:23)

The Curse of Affirmative Action

A lawsuit challenges Harvard’s betrayal of “Veritas.”

(20/10/2018 @ 03:22)

America’s Elections Could Be Hacked. Go Vote Anyway.

The system’s vulnerabilities are real, but please do not stay home.

(20/10/2018 @ 00:18)

Where the Streets Have No Names, the People Have No Vote

The Enlightenment gave us street addresses and ushered in democracy. The Age of Un-Enlightenment is using addresses to usher it out.

(19/10/2018 @ 21:44)

A Cure for Political Despair

Join the women trying to save America from Trump.

(19/10/2018 @ 10:00)

letters: Should Hillary Clinton Be Mum Before the Midterms?

Readers react to an opinion piece urging her to keep a low profile before she “complicates life for her fellow Democrats.”

(19/10/2018 @ 18:32)

letter: Saving Afghanistan: It’s Futile. Let’s Leave.

Our relationship with Afghanistan is like a bad marriage, a former defense official says. It’s time for a divorce.

(19/10/2018 @ 18:27)

letterS: Spinning a Tale to Protect a Saudi Prince

Readers discuss the murder of Jamal Khashoggi: how the Saudis are trying to explain it and how the American media are covering it.

(19/10/2018 @ 18:22)

letter: Trudeau Has It All Over Trump

A reader lists the forward-looking qualities of Canada’s prime minister.

(19/10/2018 @ 18:17)

letter: Homeless in San Francisco

A resident calls the situation a state of emergency.

(19/10/2018 @ 17:59)

letter: Think About #MeToo

A reader suggests that a Republican Senate candidate might do better than giving voice to hurtful, ill-considered opinions.

(19/10/2018 @ 16:45)

The President Praises an Assault

Also: An ambitious new tax plan, to help the middle class and poor.

(19/10/2018 @ 12:44)

Doing Business with Saudi Arabia

Is it worth the hidden costs?

(19/10/2018 @ 11:32)

news analysis: ‘Don’t Get Too Excited’ About Medicare for All

More and more politicians are calling for single-payer health care. Is it just talk?

(19/10/2018 @ 23:47)

The Orthodox Schism and the Spiritual Limits of Politics

A serious rift in the church could have big consequences in Ukraine, Russia and Greece.

(19/10/2018 @ 05:00)

Trump Says Jamal Khashoggi Is Dead. What Next?

Now is not the time to back down.

(19/10/2018 @ 16:23)

What Happens When Universities Become ‘Party Strongholds’

Chinese authorities are combining Mao-era spying practices with new surveillance technology to ferret out outspoken professors and students who fail to follow Communist Party ideology.

(19/10/2018 @ 14:35)

Before Arguing About DNA Tests, Learn the Science Behind Them

Our genetic code cannot be treated as a matter of simple fractions.

(19/10/2018 @ 18:09)

Saudi Arabia Has No Leverage

Ignore the bluster from Riyadh. The Saudi economy is dependent on the U.S., which has plenty of power to force concessions.

(18/10/2018 @ 23:00)

The Neighborhood Is the Unit of Change

No, starfish are not saved one by one.

(18/10/2018 @ 22:58)

Ask Roxane: ‘Where the Hell Is the Love of My Life?’

And how do I know I won’t choose the wrong person?

(19/10/2018 @ 20:51)

The Trump Tax Scam, Phase II

Deficits are up? Cut Medicare and Social Security!

(19/10/2018 @ 17:26)

Voting Should Be Easy. Why Isn’t It?

For too many Americans, registering to vote is an obstacle course.

(19/10/2018 @ 13:09)

Why King Salman Must Replace M.B.S.

To save its reputation and avoid becoming a pariah state in the aftermath of the Khashoggi murder, Saudi Arabia should replace its crown prince.

(19/10/2018 @ 21:46)

ComIC STRIP TO THE EDITOR: Can It Happen Here? A Stan Mack Take on Fascism

A New York Times opinion video about fascism in America inspired Stan Mack to send in our first comic strip to the editor.

(19/10/2018 @ 00:02)

letters: Democrats’ Dilemma: High Road, or Low?

Some call for more aggressive tactics, while others believe that approach will alienate moderate voters.

(18/10/2018 @ 18:36)

Searching for Water Across Borders

Saudi Arabia and China are among the countries that have turned to the United States and elsewhere.

(19/10/2018 @ 06:26)

Trump vs. the World Order

The latest op-eds from around the web — and a new podcast episode — on the Khashoggi crisis.

(18/10/2018 @ 12:33)

The Democrats’ Left Turn Is Not an Illusion

Like many overnight sensations, it has been years in the making.

(18/10/2018 @ 10:00)

Disability: The Blind Man’s French Dog Problem

It’s not really about the dog. Or being French. Or blind.

(18/10/2018 @ 10:00)

Khashoggi’s Killing Isn’t a Blunder. It’s a Crime.

A wink and a nod from Washington is the worst possible response to Riyadh’s butchery.

(18/10/2018 @ 22:35)

The Argument: Is Trump Destroying the World Order?

A conversation on the apparent killing of Jamal Khashoggi, featuring Tom Friedman

(18/10/2018 @ 16:32)

I Didn’t Hate the English — Until Now

In which an Irish woman discovers how little the people who shaped her country’s fate know or care.

(18/10/2018 @ 17:37)

The Horseface Chronicles

Try to think of something worse than Trump’s “unexpressed thoughts.”

(18/10/2018 @ 01:22)

A President Kowtowing to a Mad Prince

Trump is providing cover for Saudi barbarism.

(18/10/2018 @ 22:23)

Editorial Observer: Hillary Clinton’s Master Class in Distraction

Democrats need to be focused on the midterms.

(18/10/2018 @ 02:42)

letters: Skeptical of Saudis’ Story, Unlike Trump

Readers criticize the Trump administration’s acceptance of the Saudi regime’s denials of murdering Jamal Khashoggi and are dubious of any Saudi investigation.

(17/10/2018 @ 20:18)

Elizabeth Warren and the Folly of Genetic Ancestry Tests

DNA can’t tell us about identity.

(18/10/2018 @ 19:29)

A Tale of Three Presidents

Nicolás Maduro and Donald Trump have an authoritarian bent, as did Hugo Chávez, but the Chávez I knew also believed in social justice, equality and fundamental freedoms.

(17/10/2018 @ 19:00)

A Train Ride Back to the Old Israel

It takes four times as long as the new high-speed rail. I take it anyway.

(17/10/2018 @ 18:56)

letter: Voter Suppression in Georgia

A reader says she has been pushed to a terrible realization.

(17/10/2018 @ 17:36)

letter: Trump’s Climate Scenario, in the Very Long Run

A reader lays out the president’s case. Sort of.

(17/10/2018 @ 17:31)

letter: Just Don’t Talk Politics!

A reader tells of acquaintances who agree to disagree and break contact during election season.

(17/10/2018 @ 17:27)

letter: Moving Youths From Rikers

The Fortune Society faults corrections officers at the Horizon Juvenile Center for using force to maintain control.

(17/10/2018 @ 17:22)

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