Texte à méditer :  Soyons reconnaissants aux personnes qui nous donnent du bonheur
elles sont les charmants jardiniers par qui nos âmes sont fleuries.   Marcel Proust
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22 Juin 2018

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A Quiberon et St Pierre Quiberon, toute l'info de la presqu'île

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St Pierre

St Pierre

Bonne fête à tous les :

C'était aussi un 22 / 6

Les premières troupes ennemies envahissent la Presqu'île.

Né(e) un 22 / 6 / 1930
Poête Xavier Graal

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- N.Y Times 1

NYT > Opinion

en-us Copyright 2018 The New York Times Company Fri, 22 Jun 2018 10:53:54 GMT NYT > Opinion https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/opinion/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Op-Ed Columnist: Return of the Blood Libel https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/21/opinion/blood-libel-trump-immigrants.html?partner=rss&emc=rss https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/21/opinion/blood-libel-trump-immigrants.html The crowd at the Make America Great Again rally in Minnesota on Wednesday joined the president in jeering and outrage. Tom Brenner/The New York Times There’s no immigration crisis, just a hatred crisis.

Op-Ed Columnist: Return of the Blood Libel

There’s no immigration crisis, just a hatred crisis.

(21/06/2018 @ 20:23)

Op-Ed Columnist: They Really Don’t Care About Migrant Families

The Trump administration multiplies malevolence with incompetence.

(22/06/2018 @ 00:06)

The Last of the Tiger Parents

My daughters might someday bring home grades that my father would have regarded as failures. If so, I embrace the decline.

(22/06/2018 @ 10:00)

Saudi Women Can Drive Now. Will That Hurt Saudi Women?

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s changes are aimed at making women good workers and consumers, while leaving them second-class citizens.

(22/06/2018 @ 10:02)

G.O.P. Wants Hungry Kids to Fund Tax Cuts

After raising the deficit, Republicans want stricter limits on food stamps.

(21/06/2018 @ 23:26)

Op-Ed Columnist: The Fourth Great Awakening

Parable-based religion has receded from the public square, replaced by heroic myth, and the competitive virtues it celebrates.

(21/06/2018 @ 23:03)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Trickle Down Trumpsters and the Debasement of Language

Constant repetition of the lie makes truth meaningless. Say a falsehood over and over and it takes on the shape of reality.

(22/06/2018 @ 10:00)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Example of Charles Krauthammer

He never let his strong convictions on some matters become certainty in all matters.

(22/06/2018 @ 03:03)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: How Britain Lost Its Power of Seduction

I find myself composing an elegy for that brief interregnum when Britain had ceased to rule but was nonetheless dazzlingly cosmopolitan.

(22/06/2018 @ 05:00)

A Peace Best Delayed

Eritrea, Ethiopia’s longtime foe, may now be the least of its problems.

(22/06/2018 @ 09:45)

Congress Doesn’t Seem to Know Its Own Strength

Complicit in their own subservience, legislators have enabled President Trump’s callous devastation of families.

(22/06/2018 @ 00:04)

How Should Europe Respond to Trump’s Bullying?

Hurling insults back at him won’t be enough.

(22/06/2018 @ 08:19)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Why Mexico Is Swinging Left

The presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador is offering struggling people hope.

(22/06/2018 @ 08:13)

Op-Ed Columnist: An Unnecessary Executive Order

Trump order new chaos.

(22/06/2018 @ 08:47)

Supreme Court’s Wayfair Decision Will Hurt Online Shopping

Allowing states to collect sales tax from online companies based outside their borders is taxation without representation.

(21/06/2018 @ 22:22)

We Reimagined Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ as a 1940s Propaganda Film

A U.S. government film from 1943 justifying the detention of Japanese-Americans in internment camps has new relevance in light of the president’s immigration policies.

(21/06/2018 @ 21:44)

We Reimagined Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ as a 1940s Propaganda Film

A U.S. government film from 1943 justifying the detention of Japanese-Americans in internment camps has new relevance in light of the president’s immigration policies.

(21/06/2018 @ 21:31)

Letters: How America Treats Immigrant Families

Readers discuss the president’s executive order and U.S. immigration policies, one viewing them as “Orwellian” and another saying they are too lax.

(22/06/2018 @ 01:21)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: How Did We Get to the Savagery of ‘Tender Age’ Shelters?

A “border security” machine was handed over to a cruel, indecent president. We must smash the machine.

(21/06/2018 @ 19:05)

Why Competition Won’t Bring Down Drug Prices

Companies are doing very good business by selling similar drugs at high prices. Why should they stop?

(21/06/2018 @ 19:05)

Washington State Should Stop Blocking Planned Coal Export Terminal

Montana’s attorney general says his state will lose tax revenue and high-wage jobs if it can’t increase coal shipments to Asian markets.

(21/06/2018 @ 19:00)

Letter: If 2 Republican Senators Defect

A reader suggests that two Republican senators who are not running for re-election caucus with the Democrats.

(21/06/2018 @ 18:23)

Letter: Memories of a Papergirl

A reader recalls her days delivering The Des Moines Register.

(21/06/2018 @ 18:21)

Letter: Michael Bloomberg’s Gamble

A reader says Michael Bloomberg’s plan to fund Democratic candidates in the midterms “actually highlights how weak American democracy really is.”

(21/06/2018 @ 18:15)

Letter: No Validity to Astrology

An astronomy professor writes that too many people put aside their critical thinking in accepting it.

(21/06/2018 @ 18:03)

Letter: Taxis and Efficiency

The Diesel Technology Forum stresses decision making by the market, not government.

(21/06/2018 @ 17:52)

Op-Ed Columnist: Our Real Immigration Problem

America could use some more immigrants. Make that a lot more.

(22/06/2018 @ 07:03)

When the Robot Doesn’t See Dark Skin

New technology using artificial intelligence is meant to take race and gender bias out of hiring, but it could backfire.

(21/06/2018 @ 23:56)

Could Southern Baptists Actually Become Feminists?

The religious institution made history silencing Paige Patterson — but it has been good at evading change, especially in regard to women.

(21/06/2018 @ 14:30)

Letter: Bias at the U.N. Rights Council

A reader faults an agenda item focused on scrutiny of only Israel.

(21/06/2018 @ 13:57)

Op-Ed Columnist: How to Beat Donald Trump

Also: Michael Bloomberg and “the threat of this presidency.”

(21/06/2018 @ 12:32)

The Prince Who Would Remake the World

In Mohammed bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia, women will take the wheel. How much is really changing?

(21/06/2018 @ 20:47)

N.F.L. Players to Trump: Here’s Whom You Should Pardon

Only sweeping clemency will address the systemic injustice players like us have been protesting.

(21/06/2018 @ 14:29)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: A Question of Legitimacy Looms for the Supreme Court

Will the justices take a hammer to public sector employee unions just as teachers appear to be back in the public’s favor?

(21/06/2018 @ 10:00)

A Moral Outrage We Must Not Tolerate

These immigrant children shouldn’t be in facilities in New York or anywhere else. They should be with their parents.

(21/06/2018 @ 00:01)

Op-Ed Columnist: The King and Queen of Cruelty

Melania and Donald Trump are in this terror together.

(20/06/2018 @ 23:51)

How the Government Can Lower Drug Prices

A form of eminent domain for patents can let Washington make lifesaving medications widely available.

(20/06/2018 @ 23:41)

Why Hasn’t Trump Lost the Evangelical Vote? Ralph Reed Explains

The conservative political powerhouse talks to The Times about immigration, the midterms, Jesus and more.

(20/06/2018 @ 23:02)

New York’s Small Step on Pot Isn’t Enough

More people will get ticketed, rather than arrested, for smoking, but racial disparities could remain.

(20/06/2018 @ 23:00)

Op-Ed Columnist: Trump Wasn’t First to Separate Families, but Policy Was Still Evil

The world has a long, inexcusable history of taking children away from their parents.

(21/06/2018 @ 00:47)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Failed Ideology of Australia’s Conservatives

A wave of banking scandals reveals the bankruptcy of the government’s trickle-down economic worldview.

(21/06/2018 @ 04:40)

Letters: For Families Fleeing Violence, a New Border Policy

Readers discuss the president’s retreat and the conditions that are compelling families to enter the U.S. illegally or seek asylum.

(20/06/2018 @ 20:40)

Letters: Aid in Dying, When Suffering Is Unbearable

Readers point to laws that are working as planned and to unforeseen outcomes.

(20/06/2018 @ 20:29)

Letter: My Separation Trauma

A reader who was taken from her family at age 6 as part of the Kindertransport understands the trauma of the children at the border.

(20/06/2018 @ 20:19)

The Christian Right Adopts a 50-State Strategy

Pro-Trump evangelicals and their allies want to build a “great red wall” to keep Democrats out of power. California is high on their list of targets.

(21/06/2018 @ 18:04)

Standing By as Prisoners Are Raped

Auditors give glowing reports to prisons that are cesspools of sexual violence.

(20/06/2018 @ 19:49)

Letter: A Trade War With China: Damage on Both Sides

A Columbia professor writes that we need to recognize the enormous effect such a war would have on China.

(20/06/2018 @ 16:44)

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