Texte à méditer :  L’intelligence en politique consiste à dire à l’avance ce qui va arriver demain, la semaine prochaine, le mois prochain et l’an prochain. Et d’avoir ensuite l’intelligence d’expliquer pourquoi cela ne s’est pas produit.    Winston Churchill
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25 Mars 2017

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St Pierre

St Pierre

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C'était aussi un 25 / 3

création de la communauté européenne (6 membres) à Rome.

Né(e) un 25 / 3 / 1905
Isabelle d'Orléans

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- N.Y Times 2 : international

NYT > World

en-us Copyright 2017 The New York Times Company Sat, 25 Mar 2017 13:08:32 GMT NYT > World https://static01.nyt.com/images/misc/NYT_logo_rss_250x40.png https://www.nytimes.com/pages/world/index.html?partner=rss&emc=rss U.S. Investigating Mosul Strikes Said to Have Killed Up to 200 Civilians http://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/24/world/middleeast/us-iraq-mosul-investigation-airstrike-civilian-deaths.html?partner=rss&emc=rss http://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/24/world/middleeast/us-iraq-mosul-investigation-airstrike-civilian-deaths.html Residents in western Mosul on Friday carried the bodies of people killed in fighting between Iraqi security forces and the Islamic State. Scores of residents are reported to have been killed by coalition airstrikes in the area this month. Felipe Dana/Associated Press American military officials insisted that the rules of engagement had not changed in Iraq, despite a recent surge in reports of civilian deaths.

U.S. Investigating Mosul Strikes Said to Have Killed Up to 200 Civilians

American military officials insisted that the rules of engagement had not changed in Iraq, despite a recent surge in reports of civilian deaths.

(25/03/2017 @ 08:48)

Israel May Offer Only a General Commitment to Slow Settlement Building

Such a vague agreement would be less than some hoped for, especially after President Trump raised the rapid spread of settlements as a roadblock to peace.

(25/03/2017 @ 01:56)

Toronto Schools to Cease Field Trips to U.S.

The school board cited concerns that some students might be turned away at the border in the wake of newly implemented “extreme vetting” procedures.

(25/03/2017 @ 03:05)

Marine Le Pen of France Meets With Vladimir Putin in Moscow

Ms. Le Pen’s presidential campaign platform advocates closer ties with Mr. Putin, friendliness toward President Trump and rejection of the European Union.

(24/03/2017 @ 18:12)

E.U. Leaders Sign Rome Declaration and Proclaim a ‘Common Future’ (Minus Britain)

The 27 leaders marked the 60th anniversary of the European Union’s founding treaties in Rome as Britain prepares to become the first country to leave the bloc.

(25/03/2017 @ 12:25)

Missing Taiwan Man May Be in Chinese Custody, Relatives Fear

Lee Ming-cheh, who has a background in human rights activism, has not been heard from since Sunday, when he boarded a flight from Taipei to Macau, friends and relatives say.

(25/03/2017 @ 10:54)

Refugees Welcome: They Adopted Refugee Families for 12 Months. Then Came ‘Month 13.’

Everyday Canadians spent a year embracing Syrians in the world’s most personal resettlement program. Letting them go might be the biggest test yet.

(25/03/2017 @ 10:36)

Alone in the Wild for a Year, TV Contestants Learn Their Show Was Canceled

Entrants in the reality television series “Eden” emerged from the Scottish wilderness, only to learn the show stopped broadcasting last summer.

(25/03/2017 @ 04:08)

U.N. Takes Step Toward Future Prosecutions Against North Korea

Under a resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council, criminal justice experts can devise prosecution strategies for pursuing North Korean officials and institutions.

(25/03/2017 @ 02:41)

Canada Today: Restaurant Resentment and Cardboard Trudeaus

A growing ferment on Twitter about the new restaurant at Montreal’s government-owned casino, and an end to a life-size cardboard cutout.

(25/03/2017 @ 04:12)

Bizarre Stunt at Auschwitz: Group Kills a Sheep, Then Strips

A group of young people at the memorial stripped naked, slaughtered a sheep and chained themselves together. The police are trying to figure out why.

(25/03/2017 @ 00:30)

Russian Agent Killed Lawmaker in Kiev, Ukraine Officials Say

A 28-year-old Russian was the triggerman in the death of Denis N. Voronenkov, a former Russian lawmaker, officials say.

(25/03/2017 @ 00:05)

Big Ben Still Tolled

A London native who sped by motorcycle to cover the terrorist attack at Parliament recounts the mix of emotions it evoked.

(24/03/2017 @ 23:28)

Court Awards $1 Million for Victims of Congolese Warlord

Nearly 300 people are to be given $250 each, with reparations also going toward community projects, because of an attack on a Congolese village in 2003.

(24/03/2017 @ 23:16)

Boris V. Shekhtman, Who Taught Russian to Journalists and Diplomats, Dies at 77

Mr. Shekhtman was instrumental in recasting the way foreign languages were taught.

(24/03/2017 @ 22:55)

On Eve of E.U. Anniversary, Pope Warns of Bloc’s Fragility

Meeting with 27 of the bloc’s leaders, Pope Francis offered a blessing for the Continent but cautioned about the forces of populism and extremism.

(24/03/2017 @ 22:16)

E.U. Is Turning 60 and Searching for Something to Celebrate

As European Union leaders, minus Britain, go to Rome to celebrate 60 years, the bloc is divided and divergent, anxious that it represents the past.

(24/03/2017 @ 21:41)

Grieving Father of Germanwings Co-Pilot Tries to Clear Son’s Name

Günter Lubitz insisted his son Andreas was not depressed two years ago when his plane smashed into a mountain, killing all 150 aboard.

(24/03/2017 @ 20:08)

Israeli City Stunned That Anti-Semitic Threats Came From Within

In Ashkelon, confusion arose about a Jewish 18-year-old whom no one seemed to know, but was said to be behind a global web of threats that created panic.

(24/03/2017 @ 20:33)

China’s New Limits on Money Outflows Hit a Would-Be Paradise

Based in Malaysia, Forest City promises clean air and beaches, but China’s efforts to keep money at home leave some buyers struggling to pay what they owe.

(24/03/2017 @ 19:31)

The London Attacker: What We Know

Khalid Masood is the man identified as the attacker who killed four people near British Parliament on Wednesday. This is what we know about the still-emerging details of his life.

(24/03/2017 @ 19:26)

The Saturday Profile: The Jihadi Who Turned to Jesus

Four years ago, Bashir Mohammad fought for an Al Qaeda offshoot in Syria. Today, he hosts Christian prayer meetings in his apartment in Turkey.

(24/03/2017 @ 18:50)

The Pour: 12 Wine Grapes Worth Discovering

Some of the greatest values in wine come from grapes that are little known or historically despised.

(24/03/2017 @ 18:47)

Amid Slaughterhouse Crackdown, India’s Lions Sample New Cuisine

With buffalo meat, their diet of choice, unavailable for two days, the lions of Lucknow were forced to get by on chicken and mutton.

(24/03/2017 @ 18:06)

Trump Expected to Pick John Sullivan as No. 2 at State Dept.

If he is confirmed, Mr. Sullivan would be deputy to Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, even though neither has experience at the State Department.

(24/03/2017 @ 17:07)

U.N. Rights Council to Investigate Reports of Atrocities in Myanmar

The group will send a fact-finding mission to investigate claims of killings, rapes and other abuses perpetrated against Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar’s army.

(24/03/2017 @ 17:02)

Attack on Police Checkpoint in Bangladesh Kills Only Bomber

The attack — the third botched suicide bombing in Dhaka, the country’s capital, in a week — suggests an increase in militant activity after a lull.

(24/03/2017 @ 16:58)

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